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Flush Doors-Doors of Royal Wooden Doors

Royal Wooden Doors Flush doors are straightforward interior and exterior doors that feature plain facings on each side of the door.As the flush door is closely related to perform its function as a door instead of style and looks.This plain kind of door lends itself well to variety of space in home where the focus is on other parts of the home.Doors of this sort could have a solid or hollow core.The normal flush door is factory-made by applying 2 sections of  timber slices that are glued to wood frame. whereas the inside of the door is created of solid Hardwood Blocks / fiberboard.

Royal Wooden Doors are made with 100% seasoned hardwood and Compressed at high pressure with superior Phenol resin to accentuate its inner strength.

Specification Thickness : 30 mm
Height (inch) : 78", 81"
Width (inch) : 27", 30", 32", 33", 36", 38"

* Custom sizes offered on demand.

We Sell High Quality Flush Wood Doors Made from Hardwood for Flush Doors Buyers and Flush Doors Dealers. 

Royal Wooded Doors is your one stop shop for all your door related requirements.Contact us to get a free quotation for flush doors and we are sure you would love it. Royal Wooden Doors is the provider of best quality flush doors in Bangalore.