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Teak Veneer Doors from Royal Wooden Doors Bangalore

Teak Veneer Doors-wooden doors in bangalore
Royal Wooden Doors Teak Veneer Door is formed of veneer which is usually pasted on Flush Door. The greatness of the door comes from the grains of teak wood on veneer.This makes the wooden door highly beautiful.

Teak Veneers are obtained by making very thin slices of teak wood,so the grains of the Teak wood are found on teak veneers. These Veneers are then pasted with high quality resin on regular Flush Door so the required quality and beauty are received at low price.

Available Specification:-
Thickness : 32 mm
Height : 81"
Width : 33" and 36"

* Custom sizes available for your Satisfaction.

Teak Veneer doorTeak Veneer Door of Royal wooden door bangalore

We Sell High Quality Teak Veneer Wood Doors Made from Teak Veneers for Teak Veneer Doors Buyers and Teak Veneer Doors Dealers.

Royal Wooden Doors provides World Class Quality Teak Veneer Doors in Bangalore at a Competitive rate. Feel free to contact us for all your Wooden Door Requirements.