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Introducing an innovative wonderful substance for conventional material used in buildings like wood aluminium with modern concept in uPVC windows and doors in modern and in decorative colors

The contents of more than 70% unplasticized PVC, profiles are fire retardant,scratch proof, non fading and long lasting. uPVC building material is economical as compared to wood and aluminium. The multicavity hollow sections have good strength and can be reinforced with G.I.(Galvanized Iron). Mosquito mesh can be fixed to windows.

Advantages of uPVC Doors & Windows

  1.  Light in weight, easy to install and handle
  2.  Dust, water, sound, insect and pest proof
  3.  Most elegant
  4.  Maintenance Free
  5.  No rusting,rotting and wetting
  6.  Durable
  7.  Fire retardant.
  8.  High resistance to chemicals
  9.  Useful in air conditioning
  10.  No effects of Ultra violet rays
  11.  Reinforced with steel.