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Teak wood doors-Wood Doors from Royal wooden doors

Burma teak door of royal wooden door bangalore
Teak Wood Doors are made from the timber obtained from a tree called Tectona Grandis easily availlable in Burma, Malaysia and India.Teak wood is hard but at the same time easy to work on to creat the ever wished designes and carvings on it and it is extraordinarily durable; Doors made from teak wood are still easily found in old Temples in India and are still functional.Teak wood resists the action of water,prevents the erosion of iron and is resistant to termites.Teak is superior to alternative woods for ship building and is additionally used for making furniture.

Salient Features of Royal wooden doors Burma teak doors are-
Elegant and easy to use
Aesthetic and highly durable
Easy to maintain
Termite-proof, Borer-proof and Weather-proof
Reasonable Rate

Dimensions : Thickness : 32 mm Height(inch) : 78", 81"  Width (Inch) : 36",38"

* Custom sizes available on order.

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Burma Teak Doors of royal wooden doors bangalore

Royal wooden doors Sells High Quality Burma Teak Wood Doors Made from Burma Teak Wood for Burma Teak Doors Buyers and Burma Teak Doors Dealers.Allow us to serve with best quality and pocket friendly prices. Call us now or send us free inquiry.