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Designer Veneer Doors from Royal Wooden Doors Bangalore

Royal Wooden Doors Designer Veneer Door is formed of veneer which is generally affixed on Flush Door. The wonder of the door comes from the many grains of wood on veneer.This makes the wooden door highly equisite.Designer Veneers are obtained by taking slices of various expensive timber,so the grains of the different wood are found on designer veneers. These Veneers are then affixed on less costly Flush Door so that required quality and designes are obtained at low price.

Designer Wood veneer has many benefits:-
1.It can be used to cover the solid timber that cannot be finished Nicely.
2.It also can be put on less costly wooden boards to make furniture look Luxurious.
3.Veneer always produce a gorgeous surface on any wood.

Thickness : 32mm
Height : 81"
Width : 33" and 36"

* Custom sizes available against order.

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Royal Wooden Doors provides High Quality Designer Veneer Wood Doors Made from Designer Veneers for Designer Veneer Doors Buyers and Designer Veneer Doors Dealers.