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Moulded Skin Doors from Royal Wooden Doors Bangalore

Moulded skin door morning sun
Royal Wooden Doors Moulded Doors are made from Imported Skin to give beauty and low maintenance at a low cost. Royal Wooden Doors are available in wood grains texture and nice-smooth finish.

Royal Wooden Doors Moulded Doors are a laminated with High Density Skins, which gives great strength and beauty.

Moulded skin doors are available different Varieties and Designs to suit customers requirements.Doors are available in 2, 4 and 6 panel in all normal sizes & thickness.

Royal Wooden Doors provides all kinds of wooden doors. Among such is the Moulded skin door which is provided at reasonable and competitive rates to our esteemed customers. High Quality skin doors at very reasonable rates is our motto.  

Moulded skin doors have some major blessings which are as follows:-

•Elegant and straightforward to use
•Aesthetic and extremely sturdy
•Warp free
•Easy to maintain
•Termite-proof, Borer-proof and Weather-proof
•Easy on your pocket-Reasonable rates

Dimensions : Thickness : 32 mm
Length (inch) : 78", 81"
Width (Inch) : 26",27",30",32",33"36",38"

* Custom sizes obtainable on demand.

We Sell High Quality Moulded Skin Wood Doors for Moulded Skin Doors Buyers and Moulded Skin Doors Dealers.

Royal Wooden Doors is Pleased to serve its Customers with lowest possible rates to satisfy our customer. Give us a chance to serve you. Feel free to contact us , we wont let you down.